F11 Key is not making the Instructor Led training Full-Screen

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The F11 key is normally used to enter and exit full screen mode in all modern Internet browsers.

If you find this is not working as expected, when you try to make the Instructor Led training full-screen, there are various reasons for this.

  • Some computer manufacturers have the F11 key programmed to perform a different task. For example, F11 may:

    • Mute some HP laptops instead of triggering the full-screen view. 
    • Lower your volume on some Apple MacBooks.

  • In these cases, you can try holding your function key (fn) down when hitting F11 to trigger full-screen.

  • Check to see if you have a 'F Lock' key on your keyboard. (usually above the numbers keypad). This key locks all of your Function keys

If the suggestions above do not work for you (and this will very much depend on your PC manufacturer and configuration) you can manually enter full screen by clicking the Alt key on your keyboard to show the browser menu.


Toolbars - another possible cause

When F11 is pressed to make Internet Explorer enter full-screen mode, the Instructor Led training takes a measurement to verify that the training has the space it needs to show all training content.

However, if you have a large number of toolbars enabled on Internet Explorer, these can actually take up a lot of browser screen space. If this is the case, the Instructor Led training receives a notification that your browser is not actually full-screen (or has insufficient space to display the content) and therefore does not run.

To make this work you can temporarily hide any toolbars. (the screenshot below shows where you should right-mouse-click to show or hide your toolbars). 

You can add your toolbars back in again after you hit F11, to bring the training out of full-screen mode, and right-mouse clicking as above.




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