Running the Instructor led training on your Apple Macintosh

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The following article details step-by-step instructions for running the Instructor Led training on an Apple Macintosh computer (Note: the Instructor Led training does not run on iPads, iPhones or iPods - only desktop and laptops).


To download the Instructor Led training you must first log into your training account in the Learning Management System (LMS)

Click on the 'Presentable modules link (1) and then click the Training Module (2)


When you click this image, you'll be taken to the download page. If you are downloading for the first time, you'll need to build the training application first by clicking the 'Create my OSX app' button

When you click this button the system will start creating the training course with all the relevant material. This may take a little while to generate the training.

When the app has completed and is ready for download, you'll see a large blue button. Clicking this will begin to download your app. Note that your name will show in the app download button - and the downloaded file. If it doesn't you may be logged in as someone else!

In this example (using Safari) The download progress will be shown like this. Download time will depend on your connection speed.

When downloaded, the file will download to your default download location. 

Double click the downloaded dmg file (Disk Image) to expand it. When it has expanded, drag your training application into your applications folder as shown.

Open your applications folder (you can access this fro the top Menu bar in the finder as shown)

In your applications folder, locate the app and double-click it. Depending on your Mac's security setup, you may receive a warning like this:

If you receive this, click ok to close the Window and instead of double-clicking the app, control-click (that is, hold down the control key on your Mac and click the application). This will pop up a menu like the below - choose 'Open'

Opening the app in this way will open a dialogue box like the below. Click Open to allow your Mac to open it (and always allow it to run on your Mac). 

At this point you'll see a white background with the IPAF logo. There will be a spinning icon for a few moments whilst the training unpacks the contents ready to begin the training. Once complete, you'll see the following screen. Click the 'Start new training session' button.

This will begin the training - it will launch in your default browser (possibly in a new tab if the browser is still open) and show the begin button

Click the begin button to launch the content. The training should launch full screen and you'll see the introductory content. The training is ready to play. 







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