Will my wireless/infra-red presenter work with the Instructor Led training?

Support Admin (IPAF) -

The IPAF instructor Led training is designed to be controlled by a trainer, who will advance the training at his or her own pace, to suit the classroom environment.

As is normal practice, trainers will often use wireless infra-red pointing devices other than mice and track-pads for interacting and progressing from one slide to the next. These devices emulate key presses to allow interaction. 

Will my presenter work?

To check if your device will work with the IPAF training please to go to http://keycode.info/ and use each button on your presenter device multiple times. 

You should press each key several times to see if it alternates between different keycodes.

33 & 34 are the keycodes for page up & down, which is what the presenter device should use.

If it is displaying different numbers this may not work successfully but many of these devices can be configured to emulate custom keys. Please refer to the documentation that came with the presenter for reference.

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