Running the Instructor led training on your PC

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The following is a guide showing how to run the Instructor led training on your PC, once it has been downloaded.

Downloading the Instructor led version.

  1. Log into your Learning account using your supplied credentials
  2. Click on the Presentable Modules tab (as pictured below) 

    Note: if you can't see the below, click on the large IPAF logo in the top-left of the screen to take you back to your training homepage. If you still can't see this and you think you should be able to, please contact IPAF support

  3. Click on the image of the Instructor Led Module you wish to download.

  4. Click the large blue button to download the module. If you are doing this for the first time, you will need to build the module first - see this article for guidance.

  5. Depending on your browser, you may be able to see the download taking place. Example from Chrome below

    Depending on how fast your internet connection is it may take a few moments to download completely. If you can't find it once the download has completed, please review the following article describing the Instructor Led download locations.


Running the Instructor Led Module

Once you've located your download as above, you are ready to run it

  1. Double click the file. Depending on your operating system, its security settings, Anti-Virus settings you may get warnings similar to the below:

    Please allow the file to run. The file is safe but your computer security is doing its job by alerting you to a downloaded file it has not encountered before. 

  2. When you run the module, you'll probably see the spinning wheel on the white background like below

    There's nothing wrong here - because of all the rich media included within the training, it needs to spend a little time unpacking all the files it needs to run and display.

  3. Once the above disappears, you'll be able to start a new training session.

  4. Clicking the blue button will run the training. Note, the training runs within your default web browser. So if this happens to be internet Explorer, it will launch internet Explorer - or open a new tab in Internet Explorer.

    You should see a grey background with a 'Begin' button. Click the button.

    Clicking that button will request that your browser runs full-screen. Please allow this so that all of the training material can be successfully shown.
  5. The training will now be shown on your screen as per the below:

    Click the begin arrow to start the module - or if you have a clicker you can use that to progress through content.

  6. At any time during your session, you can click the cross at the top-right of the screen to close your training session and save progress.

  7. You can resume an save training session when you re-launch the module.


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