Where do I find the Instructor-led module?

Support Admin (IPAF) -

We are often asked by users where they can find the Instructor-led IPAF module. Please see the guide below for details.


  1. Log into the E-Learning system

  2. If you are a manager you should access your training in the my own training section as pictured

  3. Both instructors and managers will see the presentable modules section

  4. Click on the presentation thumbnail image - pictured below

  5. Click on the Create My App button (Note: Both Windows and Mac Apps are available. Windows is pictured below)

    If you want to download a Mac version - choose the OSX option (Note, the Instructor Led version does not run on iPads or iPhones)

  6. When you start to generate the App before download, you'll see a progress bar. This may take a few moments to create the App for the first time, as it builds and adds any necessary components.

  7. When complete, the App will be ready for download. Please note that the App is greater than 300MB and therefore the speed of download will depend on your internet connection.

    Tip: Take a note of the location on your computer that your browser is downloading the file to. This will normally be the default downloads directory on your computer.


If you run into any problems, please get in touch with IPAF support directly.

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