Running an Offline Trainer/Instructor Module

Support Admin (IPAF) -

To open the module, double click on the file. Depending on your operating system, its security settings and/or Anti-Virus settings, you may get warnings.

Please allow the file to run. The file is safe but your computer security is doing its job by alerting you to a downloaded file it has not encountered previously.

When you run the module, you may see a spinning wheel on a white background (as per the example below).


There is nothing wrong - the rich media included within the training requires some time to unpack all the files to run and display.  

Once the spinning wheel disappears, you will be able to start a new training session.

Click 'Start new training session' to run the training.

Note: the training runs within your default web browser. If this, for example, happens to be Internet Explorer, it will launch Internet Explorer - or open a new tab in Internet Explorer.

Click 'Begin'.


You will be prompted with a request to run your browser on full-screen. Please allow.

The training will now be shown on your screen. You should use a clicker to progress through content. 

Using a clicker – Navigating the module

If you do not have a clicker, press the 'space bar' on the computer to achieve the same result. Please do not use a mouse once the training has been started.

At any time during your session, you can click the 'cross' at the top-right of the screen to close your training session and save progress.

Any sessions that have been started but not completed will be displayed in the lower part of the window. You can resume a training session by clicking the ‘resume’ button.


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