12b. Distribution - Groups of Users

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To distribute training to a group, organisational unit or all of your trainees, Select the 'Distribution' tab from the navigation bar at the top of your dashboard.

Select ‘Distribute training’.

 You have 3 main options when sending to groups of users, click the drop down to select between:

 Option 1 – All active trainees

This will send the selected training to all active trainees within the system.

Option 2 – Active trainees belonging to...

This will send the selected training to all trainees belonging to a particular organisational unit(s). You are able to choose individual organisational units by sliding/clicking on the relevant buttons.

Option 3 – Active trainees tagged with…

This will send the selected training to all trainees that have matching tags.

See instruction on 'Adding tags'.

On the right, the amount trainees matching your search criteria will be displayed.

If you wish to exclude individual users, you can do this at the next step.

Once you have your group of trainees selected, select 'Continue'.

Next select the training you wish to send to your group of users.  You have 3 options to select the required training:

Option 1 – All available training

This will send all the modules in the system to your chosen trainees.

Option 2 – Specific available training…

This will allow you to select the individual items of training you wish to distribute.

You are also able to set a due date and/or expiry date, by clicking the ‘change’ button on each module. 

Option 3 - Available training tagged with...

This will allow you to display a selection of training items containing the same tag.  For more information on Tags, see instructions for 'Adding tags

Once you have chosen the training you wish to distribute, the indicator on the right will display the number of items selected.

You will now be shown a summary screen where you are able to confirm the details before distributing the selected training to the selected users.

By default, if training has already been issued to a user, it will not be issued again. If you do wish to re-issue items, you must unselect the ‘Exclude already issued training’.

If you wish to remove certain users from the list, you can deactivate them by clicking on the ‘Amend’ button.

When you are ready, click ‘Distribute training now’.

An individual email will be sent to each user based on the notification setup.  If a notification has not been set up, the training will not be distributed.  See instructions for 'Settings - Notifications'.

 You will receive confirmation of your distribution.






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