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What is TeamViewer and how does it work?

TeamViewer is a piece of software which allows our support team to access and operate your computer remotely. Having access to your desktop enables our support team to experience firsthand the issues you may be facing and resolve for you. 

When support use TeamViewer, you will receive a link via email or within your support ticket. Please click on the link to install TeamViewer and begin a session.  Below is an example of the link:

This link will display a ‘session code’, allowing the support team member and yourself to connect.  When prompted with a request for permission, to allow our support team to access your desktop, please click 'authorise'.  

Please be aware, once a session is underway, we have full access to your machine and are able to control all elements as well as view your desktop.  Therefore, please ensure anything private is not on display.

The request will usually remain displayed at the bottom right of the screen whilst a member of support is viewing your machine. When the session ends you will receive confirmation, usually displayed in the bottom right of your screen, that we have disconnected and no longer have access to your machine.

Accessing the TeamViewer software Manually

You can also access the TeamViewer software for your computer directly from the following links.

The application will download to your default downloads folder on your computer.  

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