Synchronising offline module data

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When working with an offline Trainer/Instructor-Led module (you would use this module type as a trainer, when presenting to a group of trainees), you are able to sync your module training progress with the Learning Management System (LMS).

Although you do not need to be connected to the internet to run the Trainer/Instructor-Led training module on your computer, to ensure that you successfully sync your training session progress to the LMS, you must ensure that you:

  • Are online and have an active internet connection
  • Signed in with your Learning Management System account details (the same username and password you use to sign into the LMS with).

The following screenshots illustrate the different stages that you'll see when working online and offline.

Online and fully synchronised

There is a green online status in the bottom-left and a tick indicating that there is no further data to sync.

Not signed in

If you have started the module and have completed some training, but are not signed in, you will see the following. The module is advising that there are training sessions with progress that has not been synced. To sync, you must click the 'sign-in' button.  

The module is advising that there are training sessions with progress that have not been synced. To sync you must click the 'sign-in' button.  

Signing in to the module

Clicking the 'sign-in' button prompts you to enter your email address and password. If you have forgotten your details, please view the Password reset article.

Signed in and syncing data

When you have successfully signed in to the module, any un-synced progress data will begin to transfer to the LMS. How long it will take to complete will depend on how long it has been since your last sync and your connection speed. The in-progress sync will look like this (see the sync progress bar at the bottom):

Sync complete

When the sync completes, you will see the indicator at the bottom, advising that all data has been synchronised with the LMS.

Offline status

If you do not have an internet connection when you launch the training, you will see this red 'offline' status in the bottom-left of the module screen. In the example below, the records have all been synced previously, however you may also see the 'offline' indicator AND the number of records waiting to sync. This would indicate that you need to go online (and sign-in, if you are not already) to get all training records synchronised. 





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