16a. Adding Tags

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Tags allow you to group User, Modules, Documents, News Articles so that they can be searched for and allocated as sub-sets.

A tag can be a word, or series of words, that you wish to associate with that item, which can then be used to find all items with the attributed tags.


Adding Tags for Users

Select ‘Users’ from the navigation bar.

Select the user you wish to add tag(s) or, create a new user by clicking on ’Create new user’. You will be required to complete the personal information for this new user. Please see instructions for 'Users - Creating

Adding tags to a new user

When creating a new user, you will be able to add tags.

Adding tags to current users

Select the name of the person you want to add tags to.

Select the ‘Personal details & account’.

The users' personal information will be displayed.

Add tags in the field provided and save your changes.

Adding tags to modules, news articles and documents

Select ‘training’ within the ‘settings’ tab.

Then select either Modules, Documents or News Articles.


You can add tags when you create a new module, if you have this feature enabled, or you can add them to modules that already exist.

Permission to edit modules is required. Please contact IPAF Support.

Add tags to a new module

Please complete the necessary information when creating a new module.  For more information, please see 'Training - Modules, Documents and News Articles'. 

Add tags in the field provided.

Adding tags to an existing module

Select the title of the module you wish to add tags to.

Then select ‘Edit module’

Add tags in the field provided and save your changes.


Within the settings tab, select ‘Training’ again and this time select ‘Documents’.

Once again, you can either add tags at the point of uploading a new document or you can add them afterwards.

Adding tags to a new document

Select ‘Upload new document’ and fill in all the required information.

Insert the words you wish to be associated to the document in the ‘Tags’ box.

To find out more about uploading documents please see manual, please see 'Training - Modules, Documents and News Articles'. 

Adding tags to existing documents

Select the document title to open up the document details screen. 

Then select ‘Edit document’

Insert your relevant tags.



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