11b. Users - Training Record

Support Admin (IPAF) -

Select the ‘Users’ tab at the top of your dashboard. Click on the name of the user you wish to view.

Once you have clicked on the user, the modules, documents and news articles that have been distributed to that user, along with the current status of that item, will be displayed. Additionally, the date when the item was issued, along with any due date that has been set, will be displayed.

If a module is overdue, a warning sign, together with the period overdue, will be displayed:

If the trainee has not yet started the training, it will be shown as 'Pending'.

A further performance breakdown is available only for modules in progress or completed. To view and/or edit due dates and expiry dates, click on the module name.

Amending due dates or expiry dates 

Click on ‘Amend dates’ to change the due date or expiry date for the training. 

Select the date (you can also set a specific time using the boxes on the right) the module should be due by, and if you wish select a date that the module will expire by – After the expiry date the user will no longer be able to access the module/document or news article.


Remember to save your changes


Module Progress Monitoring

Note: The following feature may not be enabled on your account. Contact IPAF Support for further information.

This will allow you to see the progress of an individual during their training.  It will be shown in a blue bar under the overview summary. There is also a ‘full breakdown’ tab, as highlighted below, which will show the individual sessions and further information on these sessions.

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