12c. Distribution - Training Codes

Support Admin (IPAF) -

Note. This feature may not be enabled for your organisation; please contact IPAF Support.

Training Codes allow users to create their own account and add their own contact information, as opposed to a manager having to create the account first. The code can be distributed to multiple users and can have an expiry date, if required.

Select the ‘Training codes’ tab and then select ‘Create training code’.

You can set the code with an expiry date.  The code will not be available to use after the expiry date.

Choose which organisational unit the user should be allocated to. 

For users self-registering, you have the ability to choose which fields they should complete.  If you wish to make the field mandatory, please select ‘Required’. 

Select which training you would like to allocate.  Once again, you will be able to set due dates and expiry dates in relation to the original sign up date (i.e. + 1 day).

If you wish to notify one of the managers when the code is redeemed, you can select their name within 'Notifications'.



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