11g. Users - Logs / Advanced

Support Admin (IPAF) -


Select the ‘Users’ tab at the top of your dashboard. 

Select the user whose details you wish to view.

Communications tab

Here you will find a list of all communication which has been sent to the user (both emails and SMS messages). It will show the date & time, type of item and delivery status.

Sent to:


Click on the item to view further details.

You also have the option to resend the item to the trainee if they did not receive it or have lost it.

If you have updated their email address, when you click 'resend', it will regenerate the item and resend it to the new email address.


Sent by: 

Correspondence sent to the system by the trainee, in the form of enquires, will be displayed here. 

Audit Log tab

The audit log lists the changes made to user account details and displays who and when each change was made.


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