2. Self Registration Using an Activation Link

Support Admin (IPAF) -

If you have been provided with a self-registration activation link, it will enable you to register your own details and then progress to viewing any modules that have been associated to the training activation code.

Visit the sign in page of your Learning Management System (LMS) and enter the code into the box in the middle section. (e.g. https://showcase.boltspark.com)

You will be prompted to fill in your details and set a password.  This will enable you to log in again at a later stage:  

The specific fields required may differ from what is displayed below.

When complete, please click 'Continue'. You will be prompted to confirm the details are correct (please check for typing errors, especially in your email address and/or mobile number).

Click 'Continue'. Your registration is now complete. You will be directed to your training dashboard. This contains the training that has been allocated to you.

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