Downloading an Offline Trainer/Instructor Module

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This functionality is only available to managers and trainers/instructors who have been granted access to run offline modules.

You will find offline (or presentable) modules under the 'My own training' section from the navigation:

When you click on the relevant tile you will be asked which version you would like to download (OS X or Windows). The system will automatically detect the machine you have logged in with and will default to this.

You first need to generate your own personalised downloadable module. To do this, click on 'generate' and the process will start.

This can take a few minutes.  You do not need to keep the window open and can return later to download your file.

Once the download is ready, click the blue button to start the download.

Depending on your browser, you may be able to see the download taking place. 

Note. Older versions of the module, if available, will be provided at the bottom of the screen.

Once downloaded, move the file to a folder you wish to store it. 


Can't find your download?

When downloading an offline module from the LMS, you may find it difficult to locate the downloaded file.

If you have not specified where the file should be downloaded to, the browser will automatically download the file to one of the following default download locations, depending on your browser and operating system:


Macintosh HD/Users/YourUserName/Downloads

Alternatively, the browsers also have a link to the download through their 'preference' settings, accessible as follows:

Internet Explorer:
Click the 'cog' icon at top-right and choose 'View Downloads'.

Click 'settings' icon and the 'downloads' icon (down arrow).

Click the 'downloads' icon.

Click the 'settings' icon in the top-right (three horizontal lines) and choose 'Downloads'.

Click the 'cog' icon on top right and then 'Downloads'.

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