12a. Distribution - Individual Users

Support Admin (IPAF) -

To distribute training to an individual user, select the ‘Users’ tab in your navigation bar.

To distribute training to a number of users, you will need to use the bulk import option, please see 'Distribution - Groups of Users'.

Note. It is important to ensure that a notification has been set up before distributing training.  If it has not, your chosen training, document or news article will be allocated but no notification will be sent informing the user. You will find ‘Notifications’ within the ‘Settings’ tab.

To learn how to set up a notification, see instructions for 'Settings - Notifications

Within the ‘Users’ tab, search for the trainee you wish to allocate training to and click on their name.

You will be shown their training record and a button ‘Distribute training to …’.

Click on this button. 

In the top right hand corner, a summary of the training already allocated to that trainee, will be displayed.

Below this you will find a list of the modules, documents and news articles that are available to be allocated.

By default, the training already issued to this trainee is hidden from the list of items below.

To activate the items you wish to distribute, move the button to the right or click on it. You can select as many items as you wish from each of the item types.

Finally, click on ‘Distributing selected training’. The system will then send an email to the selected user, with a link, access code and a listing of the items you have chosen to distribute, as defined in the notification (Settings).

At the top of the screen, you will see confirmation that the training has been sent to the chosen trainee.



If you wish to apply time constraints (a due date and/or expiry date) on the trainee completing the module, click on the module you have just allocated to the trainee.


Click on the tab labelled ‘Amend dates’.  Within this tab, you can add an optional due date/time and/or module expiry date. See ‘11b – Users – Training Record’ for further information.

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