16b. Using Tags

Support Admin (IPAF) -

Using tags when searching

Select ‘Users’ from the navigation bar.

Enter your tags into the search box and then hit the ‘Enter’ button on your keyboard.

All the users with those tags will be displayed.

Using Tags in Distribution

Select ‘Distribution’ from the navigation bar. 

Select ‘Distribute training’.

Select the trainees you want to allocate modules to. You can select all active trainees or you can enter a tag to select only the trainees associated to that tag.  (In the example, we will use trainees who have the tag ‘Accounts’ added to their profile.)

Below you can see that the system has identified 4 trainees with the tag ‘Accounts’ added to their profile:

Select ‘Continue’.  You will be directed to Step 2 of 3.  You can also use tags to search for specific modules:

The system has identified 2 training modules with the tag ‘Leadership’ attributed to them. Select ‘Continue’.

Reviewing your selections

The 3rd step is to review what you have selected and ensure it is correct before distributing:

The above review shows that the trainees we selected, using the tag ‘Accounts’, have already been issued one of the modules using the tag ‘Leadership’.

By selecting ‘Amend’, you can see which modules they have been allocated.

Once you are happy that all is correct, you can then select ‘Distribute training now’. Each trainee will receive a notification that they have new training available to them.

If you are still having issues, please contact Support.

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